The Way Of Fitness

When it comes to fitness we too often stumble upon people who talk about things they don’t know and elect themselves as prophets holding “truths” which rarely got any scientific evidence behind.

Lately Fitness became a branch of health care, by the side of Medicine itself in preventing the most diffuse medical issues of our era.

Being overweight, obesity, hypertension, stress, articular and postural aches, chronic tiredness are just a few of the problems that a sound training and nutrition program set up by a fitness professional can prevent, ease and pull back up until they disappear.

As an International Sport Science Association U.S.A. Certified Fitness Trainer i am able to guide you to your goals with a professional and scientific approach, may your goals be weight loss, be bikini ready, put on muscle mass, prepare for a specific sport, a match or just to drastically enhance both your physical and mental health.

The martial approach to training doesn’t mean you must undergo exhausting training sessions, it mens instad to work with resolution and dedication towards your goals, a skill which transcends the gym and enhances every aspect of your life.

The courage of the first step towards a change in life, like entering a fitness program in a gym, sometimes fades away in disinterest due to lack of results, often this failure is due to a lack of specific knowledge in the area of individually designed fitness and nutrition programs.

Everyone of us is an individual, and no diet nor training can fit everyone.

To have a Personal Fitness Trainer who cares about taking you as an individual, builds an adequate fitness profile, and motivates you in every part of the process may seem a waste of money but isn’t much more a waste of money to pay the gym fee for months and see no results coming ? or even worse, to spend money in medications that only suppress symptoms of a much wider lack of overall health ?

In 15 years of training i fell ill less than once a year and got results i never even believed to be possible, this is thanks to a study in several fitness areas, in yoga, in martial arts and in oriental philosophy.

Now this is at your finger tips to reach goals you always wanted but never dared to reach, to fight or not to fight is something a strong individual can choose, while a weak individual’s only choice is to give up.


If you give up today, you will even tomorrow.