Sweet Enough Already

Sep 23rd, 2013

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Sweet Enough Already

Yes ladies, think about it next time you add that extra sugar to your coffee or eating a snack !

Simple Sugar is not evil but we should do it carefully. We stated this several times here and there, i know, all of you use stevia or other alternatives to sugar, but it seems like people don’t get the relationship between high G.I. food (processed carbs like white bread, baked potatoes and popcorn at the top of the chart) and the upregulation of the food intake in the body.

Our body tends to Homeostasis, it means a balance, be it temperature (our Central Nervous System makes us shake our entire body when we are cold to increase temperature) or in the mean of getting rid of certain substances (when you’re drunk your body gets rid of that venom by isolating alcohol molecules and pushes them out of the body by our excretory organs).

When we introduce a high amount of “glucose like” food in our bloodstream our body needs to lower that abundance, and asks our cells to take that glucose out of the blood.

Insuline is the hormone which takes this message to the cells, and what the cells do is let this glucose into their membranes, use the mithocondria to try to build ATP from this glucose.

But what if you’re sitting for a long time instead of running your heart off ?

Nice and easy, glucose gets stored as future energy in the form of FAT

As it wasn’t enough, whatever nutritive substance which flows in the stream (let’s say we ate a donut) is brought to the cells as well in this process, and this is where things get worst, this unneeded extra energy is stored as fat too, be it proteins, fats or whatever, because the cells don’t need it right now but may someday soon.

And i won’t mention carbonated drinks !!!

Now you know how things work, you don’t have any excuse next time you feel cravings, choose a LOW GI carb source instead (fruit is a good choice) !

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