CPR/AED Certified


Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation & Automatic External Defibrillator

Early Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and Life Support can change the fate of someone from death to life this is a fact.

It is possible to revert the fate of an individual with some simple steps that everyone can do if instructed. 1 on 3 of us has some cardio pulmonary issue which may lead to a stroke. If an instructed operator takes action in the first 5 minutes after the attack and applies proper procedures.
the success rate is surprisingly high, between 49 and 75%.

Success rate drops by 12% every minute

Tha’ts why it’s so important to have a trained operator to act immediately.

80% of Heart Strokes Can Be Prevented
American Heart Association

The Chain Of Survival

The chain of survival helps you remember that an immediate recognition of the situation, and immediate action may save one’s life

Good fitness and dieting programs are proved to prevent events like heart strokes and cardio pulmonary disease, high cholesterol levels and other diseases. You may find helpful some of the American Heart Association guidelines about the relationship between physical activity and heart disease

The truth beyond all of this is that if more and more people are trained to treat a heart stroke, less people would die from this easy to prevent yet insidious accident which is the 1St cause of death in both America and Europe.
That’s why i’m a CPR AED Certified Operator, because this events can occurr everywhere and to everyone, and i want to be part of those who can save a life of a mother, child, father.

Preserving life is our first goal, then we can work on making it better through exercise and fitness