Certified TriggerPoint Therapy

I’m proud to announce that i recently certified with Trigger Point Therapy, and i can now offer you this great tool to improve and maintain your muscle health, endurance and performance level.

TP Therapy is a myofascial release system created by Cassidy Phillips which is widely used through Olympic Atheletes because it’s portable,fast, easy to use and very efficient in releasing muscle strains and problems, increasing performance before the event and releasing tension after the event.

Back to the origins of pain is some sort of imbalance, everyday we use our body hard and heavy, we train to the limit, don’t sleep enough, eat junk food and more, we stress and strain our system, and it’s balance is undermined.

If an imbalance in the body system appears, it can reference in a wide variety of ways, muscle soreness, reduced mobility due to tight muscles/fascia which may create trigger points (points which when pressed refer the pain we feel in a surrounding area or far away from them) and our pain may become chronic.

In this case tighness comes over old tightness, spreading an endless spyral of troubles out to a lot of different areas of our life from mobility to depression.

Everything starts with dehydration or a straining event, and things get worse up to hitting hard our psychology as well in a holistic view of the human being. Here’s a little explanation from the TPTherapy.com site.

The Trigger Point Therapy can be used by almost every individual and a 20 minutes session once a week can avoid the creation of future tension and relieve acute pain. It can also increase your overall muscles performance by allowing them to contracting more efficiently starting from a released state.

Find more on the Offical TPTherapy Site