Why Policies On A Fitness Services

Download Policies (PDF)

Professionality should be a must for all client services. Sadly some trainers think that it’s enough to read a couple of fitness blogs and to have a gym user background to be ready to teach and treat all clients. This is not true, as you’re working with people you must be true with them and bring them to the results they came to you for.

Following written rules gives you, the client, confidence that i state what i say and gives me, your trainer, confidence that you always know who i am and what i work for. For this reason i wrote a document with everything clearly expressed, you didn’t pick up a random guy on the gym field, you get a trained professional who knows what he’s dealing with, as well as when to step back if something’s out of his professional scope

Truth is incontestable, and i wish we will always be true both to ourselves and to each other.