Nobody Can Ignore Crossfit, But Is It Safe ?

Sep 25th, 2013

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Nobody Can Ignore Crossfit, But Is It Safe ?

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I stumbled upon this article and have been shocked about the conclusions.

Crossfit has a great value: it brought functional training to the mass, we use our entire body during the workout as we’ll do during everyday life, but this was here even before crossfit arrived ! Some trainer already trained his clients this way !

I’ve never been to a crossfit class, but what is Crossfit at the end ? It’s a training program created and marketed in the last years which focuses on exhaustion through powerful training sessions which demand a lot to our body. The point is that not everybody of us is an elite athlete and by the end of a working day with the next one coming we usually don’t have enough time to fully recover. The main idea in Crossfit was to have trainings programmed by the founder or a referred local trainer who knew how to set up a training and avoid injuries, but this is not happening anymore.

Following the increasing trend of demands for this kind of training (the same which is happening to functional training for instance) brought thousands of trainers to stick to this “new wave” of training, the problem is always the same: “Can you trust your trainer ?” If your answer is yes then read the following article for your own knowledge, if the answer is NO, please, ask yourself “Am i risking something blindly following someone i don’t believe in ?”

Intense training is great, we all like to crush our limits, but we should always listen to our body, individual differences, environment, season, day by day energy and thousands of variables should be taken into account by you and your trainer, if we don’t listen to these “bells” we will most likely end into getting injured !

Take your limits down, but keep an eye out for what our body tries to tell us, we’re not perfectly equal the one to the other, for this reason we must sew our workout on ourselves, to improve but not to end up hurt.

As professionals we (the trainers) should always put our clients health and well being ahead of business, but it doesn’t always go this way, so my word of advice is:

Train hard, but be smart !

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