[TBA In May/June]

A unique training session all together focused on slimming and beach ready training

[TBA In May/June]
Martial Arts Techniques And Conditioning

*Training is specific for martial artists and people in a good physical condition

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Bootcamps are a great way to improve your physical condition in a funny and cooperative way.
Meet people with similar goals, challenge them and yourself in doing better every day, find motivation, support and friendship in this open air training.

Bootcamps are divided by the matter we will focus on in that precise bootcamp, so you will find several choices at hand you can choose from.

Beach Showtime Bootcamp
A slimming focused bootcamp where you can lose extra pounds by improving day by day. Show your body proudly at the beach this summer.

ALL LEVELS (exercises will be presented in 2/3 levels of intensity , you will chose the one that fits you best)

Martial Arts Bootcamp
A martial oriented training with high functional focus. We will include explosive strength training, circuit training, and specific martial arts training (techniques and routines which will improve your overall balance, eye/movement connection and other skills useful in martial arts)

MID/HIGH LEVELS Although you can come and train at your pace, this bootcamp is specifically designed for martial artists and trained individuals, exercises will be presented into a 2 levels of intensity , but there will only be one speed: MINE !


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Train Together

Find a buddy and bring him with you or meet other people with your same goal to share motivation, suggestions and a new way of living fitness

Scalable and cheap

While you may not want to spend money on a one on one session you can surely afford a little investment from time to time for your own health ! This great training is held with the same care and professionality you can find in the other Martial Training Method products. You can opt in anytime, even passing by the camp location ! Try and you’ll get addicted to it !

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